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Never Again, Remembering Jack Lewin

ack Lewin was forced to live in a Jewish Ghetto. It’s important to remember those who were put through hardship. My artwork does this by depicting a trial in this survivor’s life. His father volunteered for a work camp for his family to receive money. In Lewin’s interview, he says he never saw his father […continue]

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Once In A Lifetime

My artwork, Once In A Lifetime, shows that six million Jewish people did not get a chance for freedom. It also shows that the people that survived get a chance to tell their story and make people believe how horrible the propaganda was. This art shows how some people had to leave their family to […continue]

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Georgia Gabor: The Handcuffs

My artwork was handcuffs and at the bottom it said, “They were taken.” In the interview Georgia Gabor said that they were taken to labor camps but I thought that shortening it would be more powerful and meaningful. “They were taken” stuck out to me the most. What I drew was handcuffs and a gate […continue]

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The Night My Cat Died

For my project I did the “Night of Broken Glass.” This stood out to me because of how terrible I pictured it in my mind so I just had to draw it. Gerda had to hide in the basement. In my drawing I drew an apartment building on fire because in Gerda’s statement she said […continue]

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