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R247 – The End Line

The Holocaust was a road to disaster for millions of people. All their hopes, dreams and happy lives were lost along the line that ended at the gates of Auschwitz.

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First Place Winner – Striped Children – R246

This drawing depicts a group of children behind a barbed wire fence in Auschwitz awaiting their fate. Their gaze overwhelms you and their innocence hurts you.

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R244 – Sorrow and pain

With this drawing I wanted to show that no matter the age and status every Hebrew had been killed.

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R242 – “The imprint of the Holocaust”

In the making of this painting I wanted to represent the terrible life that millions of innocent people had to go through as well as the lack of liberty and the emotions that they had.

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R241 – The Hope

When you think you have nothing left, you have hope. Hope shows you that you have something…

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R240 – It’s raining gas stars

This drawing is a metaphor. In addition to absorbing clean air, the gas mask drips sadness across the world, making the flowers dry. The flowers, seeds and soil will be permanently damaged or for many generations. It is like a farmer who cultivators misfortune.

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R239 – Never Give Up

This drawing represents the resilience of the people in place like Auschwitz, who despite not knowing if they will live to see the next day, never gave up in hope of finding their freedom.

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