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Holocaust Wave

The main part of this art piece is the water. The wave has gold strokes in it to represent how the Jewish people were cremated because the chimneys are coming out of the water. The boat has a mouse in it representing Vlad Spiegelman going into the chaos of the camps and the Holocaust. The […continue]

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Symbolic Obstructions

I completed my last 3 symbols to show the most highlighted parts together Showing how banding together will create a greater world away from the pain and anger. The colors blending between the darks and the lights mix together creating something better than before. Protruding from a layer of reality (fading away from the deepest […continue]

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My piece of art represents how all 3 of the people grew from the things that happened to them and how something good came out of it. The bottom layer represents the dark times that originally made an impact on the person. The plant represents the growth from that experience and shows the good that […continue]

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The End of Innocence

This is an image of a child in a concentration camp.

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Symbol’s Voices

In Etude Middle’s Social Studies class we learned about the injustices of the Holocaust and The Japanese Internment Camps. For our final project for this unit we had to draw symbols of 3 people, 1 person related to the Holocaust, 1 related to the Japanese Internment Camps, and one of our choice. I chose to […continue]

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A Holocaust Dance (Description of the dance) (The dance)

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Symbols Change Who We Are

In this Art Piece, There are three colors being shown. Green, Representing resilience, youth, health and good fortune. Red, Representing life, health, vigor, courage, anger, love and religious fervor. Lastly Pink, Representing peace, compassion, and love. The three different characters involve Vladek Spieglman, a Holocaust survivor who’s resilience has really shown how difficult and challenging […continue]

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symbols mean everything

the three people that i researched was Vlad from maus the book, Takekuma Takei from they called us enemy, and Chester Nez, one of the 29 original navajo code talkers. for Vlad i put a shield as like many other Holocaust survivors he did not let the Germans and hitler complete one of their goals, […continue]

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