We Remember: Exploring the Holocaust and Antisemitism – A Seminar for Catholic School Educators

Date: July 17-20, 2024 and June pre-seminar date TBD
Location: Bay Area, California

Teachers of Catholic elementary and high schools will be engaged in discussion of the history and complexity of the Catholic and Jewish relationship.  This workshop will explore the pedagogy of teaching about the Holocaust and human rights in a Catholic school classroom.  As we gain an understanding of historic and contemporary antisemitism, teachers will engage in writing and reflection on a variety of topics and will leave with teacher-created lessons and resources.

In We Remember- A Reflection on the Shoah, Pope John Paul II beseeches “May the Lord of history guide the efforts of Catholics and Jews and all men of good will as they work together for a world of true respect for the life and dignity of every human being, for all have been created in the image and likeness of God.”  This seminar will move us all one step closer to his call.

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  • Hilary Levine

    Hilary Levine taught elementary school students in the Fresno Unified School District in Fresno, CA for 25 years. She currently leads professional development seminars while also teaching a Holocaust class at the local high school. Hilary’s passion is Holocaust education, having completed her Masters’ degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Gratz College in 2021. With Tosha Tillotson, she is the co-founder of Avenues for Change: Holocaust and Genocide Education, a joint venture aimed at supporting teachers in the state of California with high quality Holocaust education.

  • Tosha Tillotson

    Tosha Tillotsoon has served in a variety of roles in Catholic education since 1999. She has taught social studies in grades 6-12 and was a principal of a K-8th grade school. She has an MA in Education from Chapman University and currently serves as an Associate Superintendent for the Diocese of Sacramento. Tosha has been actively engaged with various Holocaust organizations including USHMM, TOLI, and the Vladka Meed Teacher’s Resistance Group. She also served as the Director of Education for CVHEN for five years and was a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Regional Education Corps. In 2021, both Hilary and Tosha formed Avenues for Change: Holocaust and Genocide Education, bringing best practices in Holocaust education to teachers throughout California.


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