International Programs

After identifying a critical need to work with Holocaust educators in Europe, TOLI expanded its reach in order to create programming there. The long-term goal of the European initiatives is to bolster the National Network of Holocaust and Social Justice Educators in Romania and Bulgaria, to support participating teachers in Greece and Austria, to provide ongoing training to participants, and to build a platform for international Holocaust educators. In only a few short years, TOLI’s network has grown to include more than 400 teachers in Europe.



The Library’s Romania summer seminars, entitled The Holocaust in Romania:  Between History and Perception, take place in partnership with the Elie Wiesel National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania. TOLI representatives and top national and international experts on the Holocaust and Holocaust education join participating educators, who value the way the seminar’s direct approach makes difficult material uniquely accessible and meaningful.

The seminar agenda includes lectures and workshops exploring an extensive list of topics, among them anti-Semitism, Romanian Jewish life, the memory of the Holocaust in the post-Communist era, the use of primary sources in learning about the Holocaust, and Holocaust denial. Educators also meet Holocaust survivors, saw Holocaust-related films and documentaries, and tour local  synagogues. Read more!



TOLI has also launched seminars in Bulgaria, entitled Learning about the Past – Acting for the Future: Teaching about the Holocaust and Social Justice, with cooperation from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, American University in Bulgaria, and the Israel-Bulgaria Institute.

High school and middle school teachers come from all over the country to hear from internationally renowned lecturers, interact with survivors, and think creatively and collaboratively about how to teach the Holocaust and issues of social justice in their schools. They exchange ideas, approaches, and challenges with their colleagues, and have the opportunity to engage with new teaching methodologies to help their students approach the study of this difficult topic. Read more!



The seminar in Greece was developed by The Olga Lengyel Institute in partnership with the Jewish Museum of Greece and held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education in Greece. The seminar aims to contribute to increasing the quality of education regarding the Holocaust and social justice in Greece and program provides educators with the opportunity to consider a range of national and international approaches to these topics.

Participating teachers gain in appreciation for innovative, student-centered teaching methods, including extra-curricular activities and partnerships between school and other institutions and organizations. Read more!



In Austria, along with the Bundesrealgymnasium in der Au TOLI offers a six-day seminar for teachers of middle and high schools focusing on issues of historical-political education and Holocaust education. This seminar brings together teachers from Austria and the United States to explore each others’ narratives about the history of National Socialism and the Holocaust, to exchange approaches and methods derived from their classrooms, and to discuss current challenges in education in both countries.

Participants are encouraged to work in curriculum groups to create teaching units reflecting current issues of Holocaust education collaboratively and to engage in discussions about the question of transnational normative values.The seminar is held at the Bundesrealgymnasium in der Au in Innsbruck. Read more!


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