Every year, TOLI Leaders (teachers who have attended TOLI seminars and now lead Holocaust education in their own cities) gather for TOLI’s Leadership Institute Conference. This program fosters the collaboration, communication, and community that make TOLI seminars and resources so dynamic.

This year, we convened in Atlanta, Georgia (with a day-trip to Montgomery, Alabama) with more than 50 TOLI Leaders from across the country. We were hosted by the William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum, The Temple (the historic synagogue bombed in 1958 for its rabbi’s support of civil rights), and a variety of sites in Montgomery, Alabama that explore the history of slavery and Black liberation in the USA.

The conference was designed to honor the work of Dr. Sondra Perl, who founded TOLI’s professional development model 18 years ago and who retired at the conclusion of this seminar after a long and successful teaching career.

The program provided opportunities for participants and faculty to discuss current trends and challenges in teaching the Holocaust and human rights, as well as explore new models to expand TOLI’s reach.

“How do we make the Holocaust accessible to students? What’s at stake for them, for us, for the world? But equally important, what can we learn by working with one another?”

– Dr. Sondra Perl, Senior Director, US Programs


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