In June 2021, our NYC program will hold a 3-day virtual seminar for teachers accepted in 2020. Other summer 2021 TOLI programs are currently accepting applications for online and in-person seminars; these can be found on our Satellite Seminar page. We have 14 programs covering a range of exciting topics and invite interested educators to apply.

Our next in-person eleven-day summer seminar in NYC will take place in July 2022. Applications for this seminar will open in November. Middle school, high school, and college educators are encouraged to apply for the program, which encourages participants to think creatively and collaboratively about how they teach the Holocaust, genocide, and social justice. Participants become adept at dealing with difficult material and discover how writing, dialogue, and inquiry can help motivate students toward social action.

Our application process is highly competitive. Applicants to the seminar in NYC should have at least five years’ classroom experience and need to be at least five years away from retirement. 

Course content includes:

  • Testimony from Holocaust survivors
  • Workshops by scholars and artists
  • A day at the Museum of Jewish Heritage
  • A focus on experiential learning, interactive pedagogy, and writing
  • Outings to historic sites and cultural events
  • A focus on Jewish culture and klezmer music

All participants receive a fellowship of $350, free housing at Columbia University, and round-trip airfare. Local transportation and most meals will be provided by TOLI.

Applications will be open in November of 2021.



How do we make the Holocaust accessible to students? What’s at stake for them, for us, for the world? But equally important, what can we learn by working with one another?”

– Sondra Perl, Seminar Director


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