• Checking in all at once from the snow-belt, fruit belt, and rust belt: beautiful Michigan, where I work with John Farris on the Michigan satellite seminar each summer at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, MI. This year will be our sixth (though we’ll be offering our fourth seminar!), and we’re very proud of our program here and all…[Read more]

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    Hey, Robert: hope all is well in NYC with the folks at The Memorial Library and HEN. Thinking about you in that program as I head to Washington DC next week for the USHMM program.

  • @peter-cook Hey, Peter. Hope you’re enjoying your time in NYC with the folks at HEN. I have thought about you a couple of times, but have been running my Michigan Holocaust seminar, and just plain busy, actually fabulously busy this last week. Let me know how things are going.

    • Hello friend!

      Corey, you have been talked about here by many! Thinking of you – and thanks! Epic experience! More to follow-
      Warm regards-

      Peter Cook

      P.S. Ran the Death Wish steps in Riverside Park yesterday, and could feel the awesome presence of Charles Bronson

  • I just finished the first three chapters, and I’m excited to continue. I’ve found an affirmation in those chapters of important ideas I’ve held to for nearly twenty years in this profession: most importantly that […]

  • Began teaching my yearly Holocaust unit last week. My students are so eager to learn, and I am ready for the yearly transformation this teaching and learning has on us all.

  • Just returned from NCTE in Chicago; ran into Lisa Hall from HEN, and sat in on an amazing session about teaching Holocaust and other genocides through literature, led by HEN’s good friend, Deborah Batiste from the ADL/NYC.

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