• US and Israel Ambassadors to Greece among notables at Athens program in November, addressed issue of hate crimes in Europe and Pittsburgh synagogue attacks


    The second annual TOLI seminar in Greece took […]

  • 30 Italian  teachers came to Asti in Piedmont to learn about Holocaust education, a joint  program between TOLI and Fondazione CDEC


    Piedmont, the stunningly beautiful region of northern Italy, known for it […]

  • Over 30 teachers from Italy gather for a training seminar in Northern Italy.

  • Teaching the Holocaust in Portugal can provide a different perspective than that of most European countries. For one thing, historic anti-Semitism in Portugal resulted in the expulsion of Jews during the […]

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  • This July in Farmington Hills, Michigan, 16 educators gathered and bring the Holocaust back to the forefront of education during a week-long intensive seminar. Now in its seventh year, the seminar is one of many […]


    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It’s a weighty and powerful job to teach children about one of the most infamous genocides in modern history.

    And about 25 educators from across the […]

  • What lessons can be drawn from learning about the Holocaust and Native American experience? That is what 35 educators considered during a week-long seminar that began on June 10 in Billings, Montana.

    Worlds […]

  • Sondra Perl, Director of TOLI US Programs, second from right, at a TOLI seminar in Wisconsin.
    Sondra Perl, Director of the Olga Lengyel Institute and academic architect of the TOLI seminars, traces her interest […]

  • TOLI held its thirteenth annual summer seminar in NYC from June 16 – 28, with participants including 23 middle school, high school, and college faculty members from across the United States and one from Greece. T […]

  • The Olga Lengyel Institute conducted its first annual seminar for teachers in Poland, July 3-8, learning about the Holocaust and drawing upon its lessons to confront contemporary anti-Semitism, racism and abuse of […]

  • In a country where the Jewish community was almost wiped out, extremism is on the rise, and anti-Semitism polls the highest in Europe, a seminar in Athens brings a timely and new approach to Holocaust […]

  • When the TOLI board decided to go ahead with its first-ever Leadership Conference for Holocaust Educators, it saw a unique opportunity to invest in its alumni. For starters, it wanted to strengthen the support […]

  • With seminars last summer in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, TOLI is fast becoming a major resource in Europe for Holocaust education.  Along with Austria, which will host a second seminar, TOLI programs will […]

  • TOLI and the Memorial Library are pleased to announce that they will launch several new satellite seminars in the summer of 2017, part of an ongoing effort to expand a nationwide network of Holocaust and social […]

  • For participants in the Memorial Library’s annual New York City Summer, language and literature are among the most powerful forces in their classrooms. They are the tools with which they engage their students in m […]

  • The Memorial Library recently held its first bi-national seminar for educators from the United States and Austria, giving them the opportunity to explore together both the powerful lessons of the Holocaust and the […]

  • At the end of the 2015 New York City Summer Seminar, three participating teachers – Patrick Connelly from Rochester, New York, Marianna Pataki from Budapest, Hungary, and Angela Gascho from San Diego, California – […]

  • This past November, the Holocaust Memorial Library sponsored workshops at the 2015 annual meetings of the National Writers Project (NWP) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), held back to […]

  • The Memorial Library held its 10th annual New York City Summer Seminar, a landmark achievement in its ongoing – and expanding – effort to widen the horizon for seasoned educators who teach about the Holocaust and […]

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