Florin Petrescu: Sharing Lessons from the Past in Pantelimon, Romania

Florin Petrescu has been intrigued by history ever since he was child, often visiting ancient places and listening to the older generation share its memories. Later, he decided to become a teacher because it offered him a venue to share these interests and stories with others. He began teaching history and civic culture in 1997. […continue]

For Geanina Turcanu, Every Lesson about the Holocaust Is Important

“I live with the feeling that speaking about the Holocaust has the effect of lighting a candle for the wrongdoings of the past,” says Geanina Turcanu, a history teacher from Slobozia Conachi, a village in Eastern Romania that is home to about 4,500 residents. But in 2014, she decided that she wanted her students invested […continue]

Dragomir Dachev: Teaching Students to Raise Their Voices against Local Prejudice

When he began teaching four years ago, Dragomir Dachev had only a rudimentary grasp of Holocaust history. He had studied it on a basic level in secondary school and then again in university, and had also read about it on his own and watched several films that touched on related themes. But as a teacher […continue]

Sonya Krancheva: Teaching Memory of the Holocaust Has Big Impact on a Small Bulgarian Town

Sonya Krancheva always knew that she would one day become a teacher. Inspired at a young age by her own history teacher, she envisioned herself in the classroom, not just sharing knowledge, but also mentoring, guiding, and kindling a love of learning in her students. For seventeen years and counting, she has done just that. […continue]

Diane Williams: Poetry and Performance in Community

Since Boise’s designation as a refugee hub almost ten years ago, Idaho’s capital has seen its refugee population grow exponentially. The new arrivals struggle to rebuild their lives in America, but for teenage refugees, the challenges of navigating adolescence in an unknown culture can be particularly daunting. “These students need a way to tell their […continue]

Margo Wixsom: Teaching Art for Change

Margo Wixsom, an art teacher at Palo Alto High School in California, was a participant in the Memorial Library’s 2011 Summer Seminar. The first art teacher accepted into the program, she brought a refreshing new perspective to the seminar’s collaborative study of the Holocaust. The experience continues to influence her pedagogical approach and to have […continue]


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