Cerasela Marin: Teaching the Holocaust in Romania

For Cerasela Marin, who teaches middle school history in in Campina, Prahova, Romania, the TOLI experience has enabled her to teach the Holocaust and had a major impact on how her students see others in an increasingly diverse society. “There is very little in our school history books  about the Holocaust in Romania”, she explained. […continue]

Stephanie Griffin: Teaching Inclusion and Acceptance to Fight Hate

Teacher Stephanie Griffin is using the confidence and feeling of empowerment she gained at the TOLI satellite seminar in Amherst, MA to bring real change into the classroom.  As a resource guide for special education students, Stephanie has made it a priority to teach inclusion and acceptance as a way to avoid future atrocities. Stephanie […continue]

Angela Hartman: Integrating Holocaust Education Into the Library

Educator Angela Hartman of Hutto, Texas attended TOLI’s New York summer seminar in 2016, where she was struck by the support and inclusion of both the leaders and her fellow educators.  Now, she’s taken these lessons back to her schools in order to educate students about the Holocaust. Angela Hartman is bringing the lessons of […continue]

Parkland Teacher and TOLI Alumna Donna Amelkin

When news broke in February that a shooting took place at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, we quickly became aware that a 2017 New York TOLI Seminar alumna was in the school during the tragedy. Donna Amelkin, a teacher of 25 years with a Masters degree in Social Work and Family Therapy, created […continue]

Corey Harbaugh: leading the way in Michigan

Corey Harbaugh recently served as local co-host of TOLI’s Leadership Conference for Holocaust Educators held in Detroit in October 2017. Corey is accustomed to serving in leadership roles. In the fall of 2016, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed him to the Governor’s Council on Genocide and Holocaust Education, which guides the way Michigan educates its […continue]

Program Director Dr. Sondra Perl, Winner of the CCCC Exemplar Award

The Olga Lengyel Institute and the Memorial Library are proud to announce that Dr. Sondra Perl, founder and director of the Holocaust Educators Network (HEN), received the Exemplar Award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) in 2016. The CCCC is the world’s largest professional organization for researchers and teachers of composition. It presents […continue]


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