Laron Johnson: Building Community Through Holocaust Education

For Idaho educator Laron Johnson, the 2018 New York City seminar, followed by the 2019 seminar in Billings, Montana, provided not only professional development but a way to build community: “Holocaust education is not required in this state, yet we have so many schools that have developed excellent programs in human rights education.  I am […continue]

Marzena Wolschlaeger: “In the beginning was a Word …”

Inspired by the 2018 TOLI seminar in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Marzena Wolschlaeger, a History and Social Studies teacher in Bydgoszcz developed the powerful “In the beginning was a Word …” project together with Danuta Kopińska- Kołowacikin to show students how intolerance and discrimination are spread in their schools. “It began with words, then turned to actions […continue]

Jennifer Rodgers: Embracing Tough Conversations

It was in August, 2017, when the “Unite the Right” rally brought White supremacists and neo-Nazis to a violent confrontation  in  Charlottesville, Va. that Jennifer Rodgers,  a US and Comparative Government and Politics, International Relations, and Global Social Issues teacher at Dominion High School in Virginia,  felt that she had to do something.  “I became […continue]

Ileah Bodily: Confronting Intolerance in Idaho Classrooms

Ileah Bodily is using the lessons she learned from the TOLI seminar in Billings, Montana to teach her students the power of asking questions, approaching history from multiple perspectives, and the importance of addressing terrible acts, even in the face of your own guilt. Ileah knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young […continue]

Cerasela Marin: Teaching the Holocaust in Romania

For Cerasela Marin, who teaches middle school history in in Campina, Prahova, Romania, the TOLI experience has enabled her to teach the Holocaust and had a major impact on how her students see others in an increasingly diverse society. “There is very little in our school history books  about the Holocaust in Romania”, she explained. […continue]

Stephanie Griffin: Teaching Inclusion and Acceptance to Fight Hate

Teacher Stephanie Griffin is using the confidence and feeling of empowerment she gained at the TOLI satellite seminar in Amherst, MA to bring real change into the classroom.  As a resource guide for special education students, Stephanie has made it a priority to teach inclusion and acceptance as a way to avoid future atrocities. Stephanie […continue]


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