About The Annual TOLI International Student Art Exhibit


TOLI embarked on an exciting new project in 2020, and we encourage our educators from across the US and Europe to join us each year.  The student art exhibit is in memory of Kathy Carlisle, a beloved TOLI teacher from Sacramento, California. Kathy was a high school art teacher, photographer, and painter who was dedicated to illuminating the lessons of the Holocaust through her art and the art of her students.  Her powerful work is a testament to her artistry and love of teaching.

We are inviting all TOLI graduates of our domestic and international seminars to submit photographs of their students’ artwork to reflect what they have learned about the Holocaust. The art could be a painting, drawing, three-dimensional sculpture of any kind, or work in any other artistic medium that speaks to your students. They can draw from a book or film they have studied in class or from the larger lessons they have learned while studying the Holocaust. This project allows for multiple perspectives so if it’s possible to work with teachers from other disciplines, including art teachers, please feel free to do so.

We will begin highlighting the art through the month of February and will continue throughout the spring semester. As the students complete their projects, you can submit them herehttps://www.toli.us/submit-art-project/. The exhibit will feature the art of students on a new page on the TOLI website as well as in our newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram.  We also hope to showcase the artwork in local newspapers to honor student voices and ideas and to keep Kathy’s memory alive.



For more information about The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights (TOLI), please contact info@tolinstitute.org

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