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Join TOLI for Upcoming Virtual Events:

TOLI began hosting virtual events in early 2021, responding to the broad opportunities which digital platforms have to offer.  Our events feature educators, Holocaust survivors, authors, and scholars. 


Book Launch: Becoming a Holocaust Educator: Purposeful Pedagogy Through Inquiry
October 26 | 7:00 PM ET
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Join TOLI for the launch of Becoming a Holocaust Educator: Purposeful Pedagogy Through Inquiry, scheduled to be released October 22, with a roundtable discussion featuring teachers who work to address the specific history of the Holocaust and who recognize its relevance for understanding today’s world. Co-editors Jennifer Lemberg, Associate Director of US Programs at TOLI, and Alexander “Sandy” Pope, Associate Professor of education at Salisbury University and co-leader of TOLI’s Maryland Satellite Seminar, will facilitate a discussion grounded in the experiences of teachers who are navigating the challenges of teaching the Holocaust and social justice in their classrooms. 

The panelists, all contributors to the volume, will explore how to study the Holocaust through inquiry; reflect on how teaching this history intersects with other subjects including American Indian history and the experience of refugees living in the US; and consider how their Holocaust teaching came to transform their classroom practice. 

Speakers will include:

  • Corey Harbaugh, co-leader of TOLI’s Satellite Seminar in Michigan;
  • Brenda Johnston, co-leader of TOLI’s Satellite Seminar in Montana;
  • Michelle Sadrena Pledger, past leader of a TOLI Satellite Seminar in California; and
  • Wendy Warren, TOLI’s Satellite Program Coordinator 

With welcoming remarks by Sondra Perl, Senior Program Director of US Programs at TOLI and author of On Austrian Soil: Teaching Those I was Taught to Hate

Co-published by Teachers College Press and the National Writing Project


The Holocaust, Tikkun Olam, and Three Generations of Humanitarian Women

Thursday | November 18 | 3:00 PM ET

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Caryl Stern, the renowned human rights activist, is the third generation of women in her family whose lives were shaped by the Holocaust. Her grandmother, Mignon Langnas, was a nurse in Vienna when the Nazis invaded. Facing an agonizing decision, she sent her two young children on a ship to the US, opting to stay with her ailing parents and to take care of her patients in a Jewish children’s hospital, navigating constant risk of deportation and death.

Caryl’s mother, Manuela Stern, crossed the ocean at the age of six and once here, lived in an orphanage on the lower East side of Manhattan. Manuela’s experience contributed to her becoming a passionate civic activist and educator. For these three women, “tikkun olam” (Hebrew for, “to heal the world”) is now part of their DNA.

Join The Olga Lengyel Institute and the Museum of Jewish Heritage for a fascinating conversation between Caryl and Manuela about the impact of the Holocaust on three generations of women. The program will be moderated by NBC’s senior legal and investigative correspondent Cynthia McFadden.

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