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Learning from the Past, Acting for the Future

We are happy to share with you our brand new Handbook – Learning from the Past, Acting for the Future, describing TOLI interdisciplinary approach, based on the experience of working in 10 European countries, over the last 10 years. In this handbook, teachers can find: a rationale for an interdisciplinary approach combining Holocaust education, human […continue]

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Statement by the Board of Directors of TOLI on Ukraine

TOLI strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an unprovoked assault that has brought incalculable suffering and loss of life to the people of Ukraine.  We deplore President Putin’s justification for the attack as “denazification,” a gross distortion of Holocaust history applied to a democratic country whose Jewish president lost family in the Holocaust.   […continue]

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Statement from TOLI on events at Colleyville, TX

We are grateful that all the hostages held in the Colleyville, Texas synagogue were released unharmed, with appreciation to first responders. The event, following the deadly attacks on the synagogues in Pittsburgh, 2018, and Poway, CA, 2019 is a painful reminder of the fact that Jewish institutions in America are at risk for terrorist attacks. […continue]

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Timothy Snyder: Holocaust Education is Test of Democracy

            Renowned Historian Sees Lessons from Holocaust as important in era of rising Authoritarianism Holocaust education can provide an important test of democracy, said the renowned historian, Timothy Snyder. “Democracy is about self-correction. It’s about reflection, and Holocaust history is an opportunity to reflect, and to correct,” he said, speaking […continue]

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Loudoun Times-Mirror – Educator program explores effects of Holocaust, racial injustice

By John Battiston Last week, Loudoun County Public Schools partnered with The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Education (TOLI) to conduct a seminar exploring the Holocaust and Virginia’s history of racial injustice. Seventeen educators from Virginia and Maryland participated in the weeklong program, which was organized by Nicole Korsen and Jennifer Rodgers, teachers at Sterling’s […continue]

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TOLI Statement on the surge of anti-Semitism

The recent fighting between Israel and Hamas has been accompanied by a shocking surge of anti-Semitism in the US and abroad. Jews have been physically attacked in streets and public places across the US and in Europe.  A wave of anti-Jewish hate has proliferated in social media. We deplore these attacks and urge civic and religious […continue]

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TOLI Statement on the Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill

We welcome the passage of the anti-Asian hate crimes legislation by the House yesterday. It is a strong bipartisan demonstration that Congress and the American people stand united against the proliferation of attacks against Asian Americans, much of it resulting from vile conspiracy theories during the pandemic. The bill, which follows a similar measure that […continue]

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“Remembering Olga Lengyel and Five Chimneys

Is it possible that a Holocaust memoir could be written too early? That was a question hovering  over a panel on April 6, commemorating Olga Lengyel, author of the 1946 memoir Five Chimneys: A Woman Survivor’s True Story of Auschwitz. The book, one of the first published accounts of Auschwitz, did not receive much recognition […continue]

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Times of Israel – Why is online hate surging — and what can we do about it?

By Larry Luxner Six weeks after right-wing bigots, white supremacists and others violently stormed the US Capitol — and mere hours after the death of radio talk-show provocateur and conspiracy theorist Rush Limbaugh — two experts appeared via Zoom to discuss the proliferation of online hate. The Feb. 17 webinar showcased the findings of Andrew […continue]

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Irving Roth, 1929-2021- In Memoriam by Sondra Perl, National Program Director, TOLI

Irving Roth, 1929-2021 In Memoriam by Sondra Perl, National Program Director, TOLI “I don’t believe in miracles; I just depend on them.”  “Beware the signposts along the road to Auschwitz.”  “Teachers are the link between the dark history of the Holocaust and future generations. You carry the torch.” Over the years, hundreds of Holocaust educators […continue]

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