TOLI Programs

Our academic faculty has developed a unique methodology which employs inquiry and writing and offers access to a vast array of resources and approaches to teaching about the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights. The seminars also provide participants with unique opportunities to experience the vibrancy and diversity of Jewish life. TOLI seminars across the United States and Europe, all modeled after the program in New York City, continue to engage new teachers in an expanding network of Holocaust educators.

TOLI New York City Summer Seminar
Our flagship professional development program engages a select group of middle school, high school, and university educators in an intensive 8-day program of study at Olga Lengyel’s former residence, the Memorial Library, in New York City, and is designed to bring the lessons of the Holocaust into today’s world.

TOLI Regional Seminars
Modeled on the New York City Summer Seminar, and led by its graduates, TOLI Regional Seminars take place across the United States and incorporate local issues as well as the Holocaust and other genocides.

TOLI International Seminars
TOLI works with partners in Europe and has held groundbreaking Holocaust education programs for educators in countries including AustriaBulgaria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Ukraine.

Leadership Institute
Teachers who have participated in the Summer Seminar in New York City interested in becoming teacher-leaders in our network are invited to apply to our Leadership Program.

U.S. Impact Grants
Graduates of our summer seminars are eligible to apply for impact grants of up to $1,000 for projects in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities. Grants have been awarded to support a wide variety of classroom work, visits by Holocaust survivors, field trips to Holocaust centers and other relevant sites, resources for classrooms and school libraries, and extended programming and community outreach that bring Holocaust and social justice education to wider audiences.

European Impact Grants
Graduates of our summer seminars in Europe are eligible to apply for impact grants of up to $300 for projects in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities. These grants have been used to support teaching students about the Holocaust, human rights, Jewish life in their country or community, discrimination, tolerance, and respect for diversity.

Thank you to The Diane & Guilford Glazer Foundation, Russell Berrie Foundation, the Morris J. & Betty Kaplun Foundation, Mostysser Family, Anonymous Family Foundation, Libitzky Family Foundation, Lubetzky Family Foundation, and Charles Grunfeld Foundation for their generous support of our programs.  



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