Holocaust Educators Network


The image of the Holocaust is with us—a memory which haunts, a sounding board for all subsequent evil—in the back of the mind…for all of us now living: we, the inheritors.”

– Terrence Des Pres

Summer Seminar participants reading from “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” with director Jane Tamarkin

All educators who attend a TOLI program automatically become members of the Holocaust Educators Network (HEN). As members of HEN, teachers share classroom practices on our listserv and continue the conversations begun at Olga’s table in New York City or the surrogate tables at TOLI’s regional seminars in the US and international programs in Europe.


The Holocaust raises huge and often unanswerable questions. It is a history that is emotionally complex and as Des Pres states a history that haunts us still.”

– Sondra Perl, Seminar Director


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