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The Power of Words: Teachers Lead with The Tikkun Olam Project

For participants in the Memorial Library’s annual New York City Summer, language and literature are among the most powerful forces in their classrooms. They are the tools with which they engage their students in meaningful discussion about the Holocaust, and they are what helps influence their classes to take up causes of social justice – […continue]

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At the Library’s First Bi-National Seminar, American and Austrian Teachers Explore Powerful Lessons of the Holocaust

The Memorial Library recently held its first bi-national seminar for educators from the United States and Austria, giving them the opportunity to explore together both the powerful lessons of the Holocaust and the educational challenges they face when teaching the Holocaust in their classrooms. The exchange took place in Innsbruck, Austria from March 16-21, 2016. […continue]

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HEN Teachers Collaborate on Global Learning Project

At the end of the 2015 New York City Summer Seminar, three participating teachers – Patrick Connelly from Rochester, New York, Marianna Pataki from Budapest, Hungary, and Angela Gascho from San Diego, California – came up with the shoot-for-the-moon idea to create an online student forum for dialogue about the Holocaust and human rights issues. […continue]

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The Memorial Library Presents at the November 2015 Meetings of the National Writers Project and the National Council of Teachers of English

This past November, the Holocaust Memorial Library sponsored workshops at the 2015 annual meetings of the National Writers Project (NWP) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), held back to back in Minneapolis, Minnesota in November. The Library has presented at the NWP event each year since 2007, when the two organizations initially […continue]

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The New York City Summer Seminar Celebrates Its 10th Year

The Memorial Library held its 10th annual New York City Summer Seminar, a landmark achievement in its ongoing – and expanding – effort to widen the horizon for seasoned educators who teach about the Holocaust and other genocides. The seminar, which serves as the cornerstone of the Library’s educational program, hosted a cadre of 24 […continue]

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The Memorial Library’s Satellite Seminar Network Expands Its National Reach

  Last summer, the Memorial Library expanded its national reach by adding three new Satellite Seminar locations to its network: Massachusetts, Maryland, and Long Island, New York. The Library sponsored a total of 11 Satellite Seminars, including 8 established programs, led by teacher-leaders – all alumni of past New York City Summer Seminars – in […continue]

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The Memorial Library Expands Its European Program, Launching Its First-Ever Summer Seminar in Bulgaria

In 2012, the Memorial Library expanded its efforts into Europe after identifying the critical need to train Holocaust educators in Romania. Partnering with the Elie Wiesel National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania, the Library has since offered summer seminars for school superintendents, teachers, researchers, and doctoral candidates from across the country. […continue]

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Lisa Muller Shares Her Mission to Study the Holocaust in Indiana

Lisa Muller, a participant in the Memorial Library’s 2011 New York Summer Seminar, always knew she would become a teacher.  Though a few detours delayed her career after college, she found herself back in the classroom when the principal of Castle High School in Newburgh, Indiana asked her to substitute one day as a favor. […continue]

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Teaching the Lessons of the Holocaust: An Outreach Program in Sugar Land

On February 11, 2015, Clements High School, the Southwest Region of the Anti-Defamation League, and the Holocaust Museum Houston (HMH) collaborated with Michael Madden in presenting his annual community outreach program, which explores the pains of prejudice through the lessons of the Holocaust. Over the past 13 years, more than 15,000 community members and students […continue]

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The Memorial Library Conducts a First Comprehensive Assessment of Its Nationwide Seminars

Every year, the Memorial Library surveys participants at the conclusion of the Summer Seminar, asking them to evaluate their experience through a personal and a professional lens. But for the first time in its history, the Library has conducted a comprehensive assessment of all of its nationwide seminars since their inception. The timing was right. […continue]

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