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Teaching the Holocaust in Portugal can provide a different perspective than that of most European countries. For one thing, historic anti-Semitism in Portugal resulted in the expulsion of Jews during the Inquisition. On the other, Portugal was neutral during World War II, allowing tens of thousands of Jews to escape from the Nazi genocide. Both […continue]

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Holocaust Education Seminar in Michigan Teachers Hear from Survivors, Visit Armenian Center

This July in Farmington Hills, Michigan, 16 educators gathered and bring the Holocaust back to the forefront of education during a week-long intensive seminar. Now in its seventh year, the seminar is one of many taking place across the country this summer, organized and sponsored by the Olga Lengyel Institute (TOLI). Teachers from across Michigan […continue]

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Montana Seminar Returns to Billings, Spotlight on the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Tribes

What lessons can be drawn from learning about the Holocaust and Native American experience? That is what 35 educators considered during a week-long seminar that began on June 10 in Billings, Montana. Worlds Apart But Not Strangers is the title of the program, sponsored by The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights […continue]

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TOLI US Program Director, Sondra Perl: Overcoming Cultural Barriers through Writing

Sondra Perl, Director of TOLI US Programs, second from right, at a TOLI seminar in Wisconsin. Sondra Perl, Director of the Olga Lengyel Institute and academic architect of the TOLI seminars, traces her interest in Holocaust studies back to the summer of 1996, when she was teaching a graduate course for teachers in Austria. It […continue]

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13th Annual NYC Seminar Brings Teachers From Across The United States

TOLI held its thirteenth annual summer seminar in NYC from June 16 – 28, with participants including 23 middle school, high school, and college faculty members from across the United States and one from Greece. This year was especially notable in that with the participation of teachers from North Dakota, Vermont, and Hawaii, TOLI has […continue]

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The Olga Lengyel Institute conducted its first annual seminar for teachers in Poland, July 3-8, learning about the Holocaust and drawing upon its lessons to confront contemporary anti-Semitism, racism and abuse of human rights.  The seminar took place at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (POLIN), a partner in the program, and included […continue]

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TOLI Sacramento Seminar, Lens on Asian Americans: Japanese-American Internment, Laos Refugees

TOLI Seminar in Sacramento Lens on Asian American Experience: Japanese-American Internment of WWII and Mien Refugees of Laos June 22, 2018 How have the experiences of Japanese-American and Mien refugees in the 20th century impacted the history and culture of the West Coast and the United States? How can their experiences be shared within a […continue]

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TOLI  TEACHERS’ PROGRAM IN JACKSON, MS. June 14, 2018 How can the experiences of African Americans who lived under Jim Crow Laws shed light on the segregation Jews in Europe faced under German anti-Jewish laws? That is what 23 educators considered during a groundbreaking 3-day seminar that took place last week in and around Jackson, […continue]

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Donna Amelkin, TOLI Alumna and Parkland, FL. Teacher: Coping With Tragedy and Facing New Challenges After School Shooting

When news broke in February that a shooting took place at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, we quickly became aware that a 2017 New York TOLI Seminar alumna was in the school during the tragedy. Donna Amelkin, a teacher of 25 years with a Masters degree in Social Work and Family Therapy, created […continue]

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TOLI 2018 Transnational Seminar in Austria

In mid-March of 2018, 12 TOLI teachers traveled from various parts of the United States to attend TOLI’s second transnational seminar, “Being in Dialogue: Social Engagement through Holocaust Awareness.” The seminar took place at the Bundesrealgymnasium in der Au, a new and innovative high school located in the heart of Innsbruck, nestled within the towering […continue]

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