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By Learning We Do Not Forget the Holocaust

Alina Popescu

The project aimed to stimulate students’ interest towards learning the history of the Holocaust and examining the direct and indirect consequences of human actions. The students of another school were involved in the project as well. They visited the Museum Complex of Arad where the museographer presented them the Donations and Donors Collection and helped them learn the history of the Jewish community of Arad with the help of objects donated by families. The students watched several Holocaust films, reviewed them and presented them in a thematic flyer: The Pianist, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, La vita e bella, In Darkness. They also looked up information about the Holocaust in Europe and Romania in the school library, the County Library and on the Internet and afterwards made two rollups, which are now placed in the school hallway. Younger students, from 7th grades, organized an exhibition of Holocaust themed drawings and image collages along the school halls. A theatre play titled “The Equilibrium of the World” was written, directed and performed by older students, from 10th and 11th grades. A brochure describing all the project activities was published and registered at the National Library of Romania, which means it can be seen by anyone visiting the National Library.


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