The Seminar “Learning from the Past, Acting for the Future-Teaching about the Holocaust and Human Rights” is a 4 ½ day seminar that will be conducted in Vilnius, Lithuania with scholars and speakers from TOLI, The Secretary of the International Commission for the Evaluation of Nazi and Soviet Crimes in Lithuania, Vytautas Magnus University (VMU), the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Estonian Institute for Human Rights.  The program includes a deep dive into the history of Lithuania and European involvement in the Holocaust, a guided tour of the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum, The Tolerance Education Center, Survivor Testimony, a walking tour of the Vilna Ghetto, The Synagogue, and a Kosher Dinner to understand about Jewish Culture and what was lost in the Holocaust. We also discuss the role of Sugihara in providing visas to many Jews trying to exit the country.

TOLI promotes teaching about the Holocaust and human rights in an intersectional approach, which allows students to learn about the Holocaust, and also to learn from the Holocaust and to apply their learning to present day realities in order to address discrimination, injustice, unfair treatment and to promote human rights. The project is of great importance because the Lithuanian government has taken significant steps to recognize the Holocaust as a part of Lithuania’s history as well as Europe’s history. While World War II is taught in Lithuania, the challenge faced by Lithuanian educators is the need to improve and foster Holocaust education.

In appreciation to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) for supporting this educator training program.

Thank you to the Good Will Foundation for its support of our Lithuania Seminar.



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