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L88 – Anne Frank’s story

Anne and her story are very interesting. It’s detailed and stunning. She was a smart girl with a lot of horrific experience, that’s why I chose to do my project about her – to share her story about Jews even more.

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L87 – Anne Frank”

I tried to show how Anne Frank lived and her living conditions, that were quite poor.

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L86 – Flower for Anne Frank

This collage shows the feelings of Anne’s life. I also added a few of her famous quotes that truly help as see how an amazing person she was.

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L85 – The story about Anne Frank

In the drawing, I depicted Anne Frank with a rose and I also wrote down some instructive phrases written by Anne Frank. I tried to show the subject of the Holocaust hurts Jews.

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L84 – The life of Anne Frank

I pictured the life of Anne Frank. The hard times and tragedies she experienced in her short lifetime. Despite all of it she remained strong and kept fighting until her last breath. I also showed how Jewish people were abused.

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L83 – Anne Frank’s quotes

In my project, I portrayed Anne Frank, with her rose and many of her amazing quotes. Her quotes described the daily life of other Jews, just like her.

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L82 – Anne’s life

This collage shows what Anne went through in her short life. She lived a cruel life.

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L81 – A terrible time in history

In this piece I tried to represent the cruel story of what happened to the Jews during World War 2. Roses mean innocent people are dying, gates – the concentration camp, a photo – Anne Frank, a book – the campers diaries and the broken clock meaning people losing their minds.

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L80 – Anne Frank’s life

Here I depicted the Jewish people’s living conditions.

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L79 – Jewish history

My work reflects a brief history of the Jews. People who were also once free. Like the torn newspapers, they tried to destroy them and the Jews were destroyed, shot and buried but their history will always remain in our hearts.

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