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Memory and Legacy – Migration Workshop with Rachael Cerrotti
recipients: Amy McLaughlin-Hatch, Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School, South Easton, Massachusetts
date: 2019

As part of a Migration Workshop conducted during the Memory and Legacy unit of Amy McLaughlin-Hatch’s yearlong course, “The Holocaust and Human Behavior,” educational consultant Rachael Cerrotti shared her grandmother’s story of survival during the Holocaust along with her story of migration in the aftermath of the World War II. During this final unit, students studied the themes of honoring the memory of the Holocaust and the legacy of what is left behind by those who survived and perished. Relating to the courses’ first unit on Identity, students examined how their personal history and story of migration related to Rachael Cerrotti’s grandmother’s story. Students were able to make the connections from the past to the present as they learned about the current refugee crisis in Europe from Rachael, who has witnessed and documented it in her work.


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