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Multicultural Literature: The Holocaust Class
recipients: Meghan McNeeley, Clarke Central High School, Athens, Georgia;
date: 2019

Multicultural Literature: The Holocaust Class received funding for Holocaust books in the classroom library, a field trip to a Holocaust museum, survivor speaker, and materials for Holocaust Remembrance Day events. Multicultural Literature was a newly resurrected English elective course at Clarke Central High School, taught for the first time since 2011. Although it was a multicultural class, it had a strong focus on the Holocaust. As Meghan wrote in her description of the course, “the study of this difficult era in history and its impact on millions of people of many diverse cultures (not just those of the Jewish faith) will be through novels, short stories, poems, films, visual art, and essays. By looking at the events of the past and making connections to our present, students will consider the characteristics which unite humanity as well as those which divides.”


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