This seminar was developed by TOLI in partnership Memoshoa Foundation. The aim of the seminar is to contribute to increasing the quality of education regarding the Holocaust and human rights in Portugal. The program provides a rich opportunity to integrate national and international approaches in teaching about these topics and in understanding the contemporary relevance of this important part of modern history.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Develop teachers’ awareness of historical and current dialectical discussions concerning the Holocaust and other instances of social injustice;
  • Develop teachers’ understanding of the impact of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination at individual, group and society level;
  • Develop teachers’ understanding of the Jewish life before and after the Holocaust;
  • Increase appreciation for innovative, student-centered teaching methods, including extra-curricular activities and partnerships between school and other institutions and organizations
  • Promote a blended approach of Holocaust education and Human Rights education.

The methodology of the training is learner centered, based on the principles of experiential learning and a human rights-based approach in education.

In 2018, a group of 30 teachers had the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned lecturers, to interact with survivors and to think creatively and collaboratively about how to teach the Holocaust and social justice.

The next seminar will be in 2020, February 23-26.

Please note that while we encourage teachers from all countries to apply for our European seminars, TOLI will be unable to cover travel expenses for those living outside of the country in which the seminar is held. Please contact Oana Nestian-Sandu with questions at onestian@tolinstitute.org.

Above left: Arthur Berger (center), TOLI Board member, speaking at the opening of the Lisbon seminar. On right is Israel ambassador Raphael Gamzu and Deputy Mayor of Lisbon and MP Pedro Delgado Alves.

Right: Portuguese teachers at breakout session.




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