Since 2012, TOLI has organized yearly seminars in partnership with the Elie Wiesel National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania and with the Intercultural Institute Timisoara, for groups of 30-35 teachers. 

The aim of the seminars is to contribute to increasing the quality of education regarding the Holocaust and human rights in Romania. The program provided a rich opportunity to integrate national and international approaches in teaching about these topics and in understanding the contemporary relevance of this important part of modern history.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Develop teachers’ coherent understanding of the Holocaust, based on historical facts;
  • Develop teachers’ understanding of the impact of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination at individual, group and society level;
  • Promote positive values for life in a diverse world, such as: respect, interculturalism, dialogue and appreciation of the other;
  • Develop teachers’ knowledge of the Roma Genocide;
  • Develop teachers’ competences to teach the history of the Holocaust in an innovative, student-centered way and implement local and international projects;
  • Approach the connection between Holocaust education and human rights education as a means to better understand the past and to act for the future.
  • Understand and counter Holocaust distortion.

The methods used during the seminar include presentations by experts in the field and interactive workshops, a meeting with Holocaust survivor Vasile Szekely, a theatre play about the Roma Genocide in Romania, a visit to an interactive museum of the Holocaust, the synagogue and Olga Legyel’s family home and hospital.

Impact Grants
Graduates of the seminar have the opportunity to apply for an impact grant to develop projects related to Holocaust education and social justice. The grant consists of financial support and continuous mentorship throughout the school year. Every year, about 30 educators from Romania benefit from the TOLI Impact Grant Program.


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