TOLI’s second annual seminar in Italy took place in Ferrara, bringing together 35 teachers from around the country to learn about the Holocaust and apply its lessons to their  classrooms. During the five-day program, teachers participated in workshops, heard from historians and a Holocaust survivor, visited the deportation camp in Fosoli and had an extensive tour of the new National Museum of Jewish History and the Shoah in Ferrara.

This seminar was developed by TOLI in partnership CDEC Foundation and MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education). High school teachers of humanities from across Italy, are trained on both the study of the anti-Semitic fascist segregation (persecution, discrimination) and the causes and effects of today’s hate speech in Italy, providing them with suitable tools for working with students. In teaching these topics, the program provides the opportunity to integrate national and international approaches and to grasp the current relevance of this crucial page of the Italian and European twentieth century history.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Develop teachers’ awareness of historical and current dialectical discussions concerning the Holocaust and other instances of social injustice;
  • Increase teachers’ knowledge on the historical debate on fascist anti-Jewish segregation planning and make them participants in today’s debate on hate speech in Italy;
  • Develop teachers’ understanding of the impact of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination at individual, group and society level;
  • Develop teachers’ knowledge on anti-Semitism in the contemporary age, on the anti-Jewish fascist legislation and on the use of historiographical sources.
  • Promote innovative teaching tools and approaches through the use of web resources, didactic drama, visits to places of Jewish memory.
  • Offer teachers the opportunity to get in touch with colleagues who work in different schools, with institutions at national level as well as internationally in order to promote contacts and collaborations.
    Promote a multidisciplinary approach on these issues.

Please note that while we encourage teachers from all countries to apply for our European seminars, TOLI will be unable to cover travel expenses for those living outside of the country in which the seminar is held. Please contact Oana Nestian-Sandu with questions at

The most recent Italy seminar was held September 1- 5, 2019.


Teaching the Holocaust in Italy 2018 from TOLI on Vimeo.


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