Since 2019, TOLI conducts a yearly Holocaust and human rights education seminar for Ukrainian teachers in partnership with the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies.

TOLI’s Ukraine Seminar brings together educators from across Ukraine to contribute to improving the quality of Holocaust and human rights education in Ukraine. The Seminar provides a rich opportunity to develop best practices for teaching about these topics, and to understand the contemporary relevance of Ukraine’s Holocaust history. Using a learner-centered approach, the methodology of the seminar focuses on experiential learning and human rights-based approach to education. The seminar offers a balanced approach between cognitive and emotional elements, with ample reflection time to develop action plans as a crucial aspect of social change.

Highlights of the Seminar include:

  • Presentations and workshops by local and international experts on Holocaust history in Ukraine, human rights education, propaganda, hate speech, and contemporary antisemitism
  • Site visits, including guided tours of Babyn Yar and local synagogues
  • Testimony from Holocaust survivors and their descendants

The participants use the lens of human rights to analyze past and present atrocities, including the ongoing war. They learn about Jewish history and the Jewish heritage of Ukraine and discover new methods to work with their students to make sure that this heritage is not forgotten.

Impact Grants
Graduates of the seminar have the opportunity to apply for an impact grant to develop projects related to Holocaust education and social justice. The grant consists of financial support and continuous mentorship throughout the school year. Every year, about 15 educators from Ukraine benefit from the TOLI Impact Grant Program.


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