Journey to Poland and Israel


In March 2012, seventeen teachers from the Holocaust Educators Network will travel together on a journey to Poland and Israel sponsored by the Memorial Library. In a group including Sondra Perl, Jennifer Lemberg, and members of the Board of Directors, we will spend ten days visiting historical sites related to the Holocaust and important to contemporary Jewish life. We will then bring our firsthand experience of these places back to our classrooms and communities.

All of the educators who will travel with us are leaders within the Holocaust Educators Network. They conduct Memorial Library Satellite Seminars in their home towns in California, Kentucky, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota, and participate in other programs, such as the Professors’ Study Tour conducted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  Collectively, they bring a broad variety of backgrounds and faith traditions to their teaching about the Holocaust, other genocides, and issues of social justice.

We have created this blog as a venue to share our thoughts and reflections about our journey. Each day, a team of teachers will report on what they have seen and heard, and describe what it means to encounter this geography firsthand. We invite you to join us here, and to share virtually in our travels.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hello all,
    We are thrilled to welcome you here and are looking forward to the beginning of our journey!

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