International Programs

TOLI is pleased to announce that it is programming includes seminars in Europe, including programs for teachers in Romania, Bulgaria, Austria and Greece. Feasibility research is being carried out in other European countries for potential future programs.



The program in Romania started with a seminar on Holocaust education for school superintendents, and in time the focus was expanded to create a seminar for teachers and a national contest for high school and middle school students.

Now, the seminar offers learning opportunities about teaching methods, curricular and extra-curricular activities and provides teachers with the opportunity to share their views and needs regarding teaching about the Holocaust. Read more



A summer program for teachers is currently being offered in partnership with the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, American University in Bulgaria and CEJI-A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.

In this seminar, teachers from Bulgaria have the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned lecturers, to interact with survivors and to think creatively and collaboratively about how to teach the Holocaust and social justice. Read more



A summer program in Athens entitled “Learning From the Past, Acting for the Future – Teaching about the Holocaust and Social Justice,” held in partnership with the Ministry of Education, drew¬† educators from secondary schools in Greece together to study the Holocaust and human rights. Programming included lectures by scholars from Greece and abroad, a visit to a synagogue and a Shabbat dinner,



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