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Birds in a Nest

Things I learned while creating this piece was all the hardships the prisoners had to go through. My favorite part about making this piece was laying the hay down on my paper. While doing this it made me think about how hard it must have been sleeping on it. The uncomfortableness must have been so […continue]

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Blue and White Eye

In the concentration camps the Nazi’s wanted the blue and white stripes to define the prisoners.Those blue at white striped clothing separated them from their past life. However, the prisoners kept hope through art. The eye in my art piece represents that hope. I chose the brown eye, because the Nazi’s had stereotyped Jews and […continue]

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Barbed Wire Memories

The point of this art piece is that all of the memories are trapped behind barbed wire because it was such a terrible thing that happened. I think that this has an impact on people because it is very inspiring.

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Seeing the Holocaust

I used a piece of wood as my template. Then I painted an eye , and a dark background. Then I added a collage of meaningful pictures to show what they might have seen.

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Surviving in Fours

I was inspired to create this piece when I saw Holocaust survivor Ella Liebermann’s art piece of the food distribution in the camps. The people would eat in fours and share food as equally as they could. This is how they would survive and try not to starve. Prisoners would take care of each other […continue]

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What Damages, What Heals

What Damages, and What Heals My projects central meaning is that faith was the center of the Jewish people’s lives during the Holocaust and even now as well. The star of David is purposefully in the center of my piece to show that meaning. The fire, barbed, wire, and shards around the heart show that […continue]

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Book Burning

My artwork represents all the books that were confiscated, banned and burned during the Holocaust.

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Yellow Butterfly

The barbed wire fence represents the concentration camps. The yellow butterfly represents hope and guidance that the prisoners of the camps needed in order to survive.

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Pain and Suffering

I made the eyes to project sadness and pain because you could see the pain in his eyes and you could see how sad he was being in Auschwitz.

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This teardrop represents the tears and sweat all the Jewish men, women and children had to go through. While making this project I was surprised that I could find so many photos resembling images that could to the Holocaust. Something else I wanted to share about my art project is it was very heartbreaking putting […continue]

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