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      Krug and Perl both address the lingering effects of the Holocaust on subsequent generations. How does one reconcile a past? One passage resonates within Perl’s piece as a student shares her response to Perl’s inquiry of “how [her students] cope with the knowledge of what happened [there]”. Margret responds: “How can we not teach our children who they are and be willing to take the beating of the world? We are the generation that must respond. Our parents can’t and won’t. We must own our dark side” (13). Both authors reveal this sentiment of owning one’s past, regardless of the pain, perhaps, a generational responsibility. Both Perl and Krug reveal just how hard the reconciliation process is, but, regardless, it must be done to ensure “never again”.

      Sadly, such assurances cannot be made as Krug reminds her audience “the 2017 national election in Germany has given rise to a new right wing party. The extreme right has claimed seats in parliament again, for the first time in more than half a century”. Of course, we see such extremism growing internationally. Contrary to all the lessons learned in history, the pains of these 2nd/3rd G-ers, bigotry is now normalized with discriminatory laws beginning to be enacted. Both Perl and Krug addressed the reconciling process dealing with the aftermath of genocide. And, yet somehow, a country responsible for the deaths of millions has a growing extremist party. Meanwhile, fascism grows internationally with threats right here on our very own “soil”.

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      Lisa, I had the same reactions about owning our history (and vowing to do better), and anxiety over how right-wing extremists seem to be on the rise. The two seem to go hand-in-hand. When we don’t acknowledge and learn from our darker side in history, we risk repeating it, to horrific results.

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        I had very similar reactions to both authors, too. Operating in the changing political and educational landscape in the US, I was struck by Perl’s comment that silence was the worst part of fascism (can’t find the page). What I feel like I face in my community is that empowerment to do harm to others w/o few consequences is the worst part of fascism.

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