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      Pearl and Krug approach their searches for the truth about Germany and Germans during the Holocaust using different mediums. They have a shared German history trough their families. Both are in search of their identity. Through reading and writing activities with her students, Pearl is able to use exploratory prompts to understand contemporary German mindset/pysche, and her place in it as an American Jew. Krug on the other hand digs through her family history and her place in it. Both are searching for who they are, and despite the unplesant memories there is HOPE.

      I have been going home lately as often as every other year with a group of students to The Gambia and Semegal for three weeks. A goal of the exchange program is to bridge the gap between the younger generation. Students explore topics to either confirm, or debunk their prejudices about Africa, The Gambia and Senegal in paricular.
      I have learned through these visits that you are not a Marxist ot Communist if you advocate for equality and justice for the people as my generation did. I too, have HOPE.

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      I would love to hear more about your experiences with these exchange programs!

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