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      Hello, everyone!
      My name is Maya Willis. I live in Jackson, Mississippi with my husband, Zachary, and our three cats: Peanut, Baby, and Stan. We also have a blue-tongued skink named Blue. I currently teach French to grades 10 through 12 at Lanier High School. I have a busy summer planned already, with two seminars planned for the month of June, visiting family in upstate New York, and going to a few concerts in July.
      I was inspired by my mother to learn and to teach about the Holocaust. She was a TOLI participant in 2016 and has always been a civil rights advocate. When I began teaching recently, I knew it was my turn to incorporate Holocaust studies into my teaching and to join TOLI. I want to encourage my students to learn about the history of not only their civil rights but the civil rights of others. I want my students to draw connections between their current struggles to those of the past and see how we can continue to grow a better future.
      I hope I can learn more from everyone about how they incorporate Holocaust studies into their classrooms. and I cannot wait to meet everyone.

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      Hi Maya! I just passed through your fair city as I was moving my daughter from one house to another in New Orleans. It is amazing that you have a family connection to TOLI. I look forward to meeting you.

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