Hello from Cape Ann, Mass. I’m also late–but I’m not alone!

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      Hello everyone! I’m grateful for reconnecting with this online community with new and familiar faces. Apologies for my late arrival. I have no excuses! I’m connecting from Massachusetts, and have taught ELA in Salem, aka “witch city”, Massachusetts going on 10 years. It was juniors and seniors this year and I’m feeling the end of school year burn 200%. I had a group of 30 students in DC last week for a couple days and we got to visit the Holocaust Museum and African American Museum of Culture and History.

      A little more about me? I’m a mom of two teens, three dogs, and two cats. Lately, I prefer the four-legged company, but having worked with adolescents for years, I begrudgingly appreciate that this is part of the process. I’m a musician and a wannabe writer/poet. I like to exercise/walk/bike/swim…but don’t do any of these activities nearly as much as I probably should. I like to read to escape. I’ll be a doctoral candidate at Lesley University if I ever finish my dissertation. My current research is around trying to figure out why I’m so burnt out as a teacher (aka studying “teacher agency”) and how this relates to student engagement in the secondary, “urban” classroom.

      I look forward to getting to know you all more–and finally meeting you in person!!!

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