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      Hi Everyone!

      I just finished up my school year, and I am so very sorry that my TOLI obligations got away from me. It has been a whirlwind these last few weeks, but now I’m here! My name is Alisha Schulz, and I am writing from the rather sunny and uncharacteristically warm North Dakota border. I live on a farm roughly 6 miles from the Canadian border and about 15 miles from the Minnesota border. I live on our farm with my partner, Dean, our two children–Mallory (8) and Calvin (5)–our two horses, two rabbits, golden retriever (Archer), and farm cat (Trouble).

      I just completed my ninth year of teaching ELA. I have taught grades 6-12 ELA and am the K-12 Librarian and Instructional Coach. My district is small and rural with approximately 200 students PK-12. We are uniquely divided into three different buildings in three small towns roughly 15 miles apart from one another. I have been a member of the TOLI cohort since 2020. My first experience with Holocaust Educator professional development was through Yad Vashem and the Echoes & Reflection’s Educational Journey through Poland in 2019. This life-changing experience propelled me into Holocaust education professional development and led me to TOLI. I find Holocaust education somewhat overlooked in my area and region, and I personally strive to continue offering and educating all learners who come through my buildings in human rights and the Holocaust.

      I am so excited to finally meet face-to-face in June. I hope you are all well and I look forward to our meeting.

      Alisha Schulz

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