Basic Information


Colleen Mulligan

School Name

Winnisquam Regional High School

School Address

435 West Main Street, Tilton, NH

Role at School

English teacher, Department Chair


About Me: Please share a bit about yourself--school life, family life, interests (academic and other).

I am a mom with two kids: Delaney, 18 and Patrick, 16. I taught first grade for five years and when I had my own babies I realized that dealing with all kinds of someone else’s children then coming home to my own was a disservice to them. Now I teach high school level English, specifically College Composition where the students earn their college credit, Short Stories, an elective for juniors and seniors, and Modern Society which deals with diversity and acceptance. Modern Society is my absolute favorite class to teach as it is one where I created the curriculum and it integrates introduces and delves into an understanding of genocide and ethnic cleansing, diversity and acceptance.

In Modern Society one of the anchor books is THE SUNFLOWER a book I highly recommend. I love, love , love teaching this class! I get a lot of the students with behavior problems in this class because “Mrs. Mulligan is good with these kids” but it is predominantly a discussion and performance directed curriculum so it works out well for most of these kiddos. I will tell you more about this class when we meet this summer.

I mentioned ealier that I have two children and am devoted to them and my husband, Mark, too. Today (Wednesday, 5/16) is our 20th anniversary!

I think a few of the things I enjoy most include reading and writing. I enjoy reading so much that I immerse myself in the story line and forget to do things like correcting for school and little things like going to bed! I write voraciously in addition to the reading but there never seems to be enough time to do these things. I need suggestions on how to read for pleasure and still focus on other things. Perhaps it is my ADD that makes this hard for me! 🙂

I am the Senior Class Director and just finished planning and following through on prom and am gearing up for graduation in a few weeks. Prom went without a hitch, BTW, but I’m beat as it took almost as much planning as my wedding did!

I love teaching and have developed a reputation as someone that all of the “bad kids” are interested in. I love these trouble makers and call them Mulligan’s hooligans. These rebels are some of my favorites.

Finally, I am painfully shy so that is something I have to learn to cope with. I’m very good at hiding this shyness so you may never see me this way.

I a filled with excitement and anxiety about the summer seminar. Mostly EXCITEMENT though!

Let me know about who you are and what you enjoy…