Basic Information


Jakub Niewinski

School Name

Karol Marcinkowski Primary School/Hipolit Cegielski Middle School/Forum for Dialogue/Museum of the History of Polish Jews (POLIN)/University of Zielona Gora

School Address

Murowana Goślina/Poznan/Warsaw/Zielona Gora

Role at School

ethics teacher/leader of dialogue/certified tour guide in POLIN


Web Site

About Me: Please share a bit about yourself--school life, family life, interests (academic and other).

I am presently a PhD student at University of Zielona Gora as well as a teacher of ethics at primary school level, in Murowana Goslina – in a small unique town in the west of Poland where Jews, Poles and German lived together prior to WWII. With my students I strive to bring back the memory of the town’s Jewish past. I am a leader of dialogue in the Forum for Dialogue – the largest and oldest Polish non-governmental organization engaging in Polish/Jewish dialogue. I lead a Multicultural Group that’s focus is to promote human rights and tolerance not only in Poland, but in the world. My educational goal is to implement an innovative pedagogy incorporating the creativity of students based on memory in the context of differentiating points of view. Moreover, I was a coordinator of many Polish-Israeli youth projects such as: “The Stones of Memory Roots”, “Three Lives – Common Memory”, “From Memory to Life by Bike” and “Multicultural VIPs around the Table next to Menorah break stereotypes”.I graduated from the trainer course “Take a course on Multiculturalism” organized by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. In addition, I actively participated in many international seminars related to the Shoah: in Israel (Yad Vashem), Europe (House of the Wannsee Conference/Berlin, Memorial de la Shoah/Paris). I have worked jointly with The Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN, and the Center for Citizenship Education, in Warsaw where I was a mentor and trainer in two programs: “Leaders of Tolerance” and “Let’s talk about refugees”. Seven years ago I got the Irena Sendler award: “For repairing the world”. I am interested in BRINgING the mEMORY OF Polish Jews BACK and developing empathy based on intercultural dialogue among the people to built a better world. That’s why I would like to take part in TOLI Summer Seminar!