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Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County

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100 Crescent Beach Road, Glen Cove, NY 11542

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Director, Friedlander Education Institute


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Greetings everyone! I have been an educator for more than twenty years: high school social studies teacher in Austin, TX (1990-95), educational consultant with Facing History and Ourselves (1995-2013), and now the director of school programs at the Holocaust Center of Nassau County. I am thrilled to be joining this group of educators for this summer’s seminar.

Throughout my career I have been drawn to the history and legacies of the Holocaust, and I am especially interested in helping young people understand the continued relevance of this history in their own lives. I have a nine-year-old daughter who’s own cultural background is tied to this history, as well as the history of discrimination in the United States, and I am even more mindful about how we communicate these histories as I address her growing questions.

You all have an open invitation to visit our museum exhibit at the Holocaust Center, and I look forward to learning from each of you this summer!