Basic Information


Wendy Z Warren

School Name

Columbia Falls Jr High

School Address

Columbia Falls, MT

Role at School

teacher, Indian Education for All Coordinator


About Me: Please share a bit about yourself--school life, family life, interests (academic and other).

I live in a tiny off-the-grid, on-a-lake cabin in NW Montana. I teach in Columbia Falls–the town closest to Glacier National Park. I teach 7th and 8th grade Communication Arts– writing and speaking. I am also Indian Education for All (IEFA) Coordinator for my school district. I had the honor of attending the HEN institute in 2009 and the Leadership Institute in 2010. Brenda Johnston and I are planning our first HEN Satellite Seminar in Montana in the summer of 2011. I find myself increasingly committed to issues of Social Justice in all avenues of life–and as I walk this path, doors continue to open. I am humbled and amazed at this network of people I now find myself a part of. Many thanks to you all for your wisdom and your inspiration.