Hello from the marshes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

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      Hi everyone!

      I am also one of the original 2020 participants who has been waiting 3 long years to come to NYC! I’m very excited to finally meet all of you in person.

      I co-facilitate the Maryland satellite seminar, and teach 6th grade world history in Salisbury, Maryland. Salisbury is on a small peninsula east of the Chesapeake Bay, just south of Delaware, and will probably be entirely swallowed by the ocean in a decade or two. The thing I miss the most about living here is hills and mountains, so I try to take every possible opportunity to go somewhere with an elevation greater than 10 feet.

      I’m an amateur archaeologist working on my archaeological technician certification, and I’m fascinated by the ways in which archaeology can support oral histories and tell the stories of traditionally marginalized groups, such as enslaved people and indigenous people.

      I live with my fiance Nate and our two dogs, Maddie and Luna. We’re getting married next April. 🙂 We enjoy hiking – over spring break, we backpacked the entire 42 mile section of the Appalachian Trail in the state of Maryland! And because apparently I thought I had too much free time, I decided to pursue my National Board Certification in Teaching this year too!

      See you all in a few short weeks!

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      Hello Julia,
      Archaeological technician certification! Sounds very exciting and rewarding. Congratulations on your engagement as well. Like you, I am very excited to meet everyone in person. Finally! Yay!

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        Congrats to you! I am really looking forward to meeting you in person! (after all this time!!)

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      So excited to finally get to meet in person! I am eager to hear more about the ways you impact you and your school community, and how that has evolved in the last few years.
      I loved seeing your Appalachian journey! Those kinds of experiences can only enhance your relationship 😉

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