(Belated!) Greetings from the Land of Enchantment —- Hola and Aloha!

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      Hola, dear TOLI colleagues! I am one of the OG of TOLI 2020! I have just returned from my first real vacation – ever! After years of student travel trips and family visits, and professional conferences and workshops, etc., my husband Robert and I visited Hawaii! Staying at a friend’s condo in Kona, we explored the biodiversity and cultural diversity of the Big Island. As we learned about the ways the Hawaiian people remember and honor the stories of the past, I kept thinking about how we remember and honor the stories of the Holocaust, as well as the voices of marginalized and/or colonized peoples. That’s a lot….! Anyway, we were without reliable internet and/or devices for much of the time, thus the missed May 15 expectation to post and introduce myself. Apologies and thank you for your understanding.
      I have been a co-facilitator of the New Mexico Satellite seminar for several years, bringing my experience as a long time middle school teacher, instructional coach, and librarian. I now bring the years of teaching the Holocaust to the New Mexico Holocaust Museum as one of the Educational Team, as well as continuing to support our growing network of Holocaust educators/past TOLI seminar participants. I am also working with a group to bring Holocaust Education legislation to New Mexico.
      On a more personal level, I am one of the challah bakers at a local Congregation; we bake on Friday mornings, and I am especially good at braiding the basic challah, and making little bite-sized knots for the pre-schoolers there! My husband is also a a former middle school teacher, and for several years we team-taught an interdisciplinary curriculum. We are parents of 3 beautiful daughters and their families, including 5 year old Madelyn and 7 month old Charlotte. My joys! <3 <3 I also love to walk in our neighborhood, and hike in the Jemez mountains near our cabin with our 2 year goldendoodle, Ellie. I have pictures if you are interested 😉
      I am so looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you. And also very much looking forward to visiting New York City!

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      Barb –
      I am so excited to finally meet you in person! I am also jealous of your vacation. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but know many people that have.
      See you soon!

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        So excited to finally meet in person!! Wow!! A challah baker!! That is incredible!! When we made our challah a few summers ago, I felt so accomplished. I had no idea I was with someone so experienced!!! My braiding was definitely a bit unimpressive, but it was just so beautiful! See you soon!!

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      Hey Barb!

      Kudos on finally taking that vacation!! Sounds amazing. I’m over here in the land of middle school English, Instructional Coach, and librarian. I feel as if we could share some experiences 🙂 Of course you should post pictures of Ellie, always. See you soon!


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