I love that this book was a graphic novel!!!

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      I want to first start off by thanking you for choosing a graphic novel for us to read. It is so important that educators get exposure to this genre to understand how impactful and powerful images are to a story. That being said, this book needed to be a graphic novel. Words alone could not have told the story. The pictures, letters and colors made this a powerful story. One of which words alone could not have told. I loved being able to see the letters in German and then the translation to English. The pictures both copies and artistic were beautiful.

      What did a learn about the Holocaust? I would say two things. First that there is a lot of shame associated to those whose history played a part in the Holocaust and that a lot of people do not know that part that their families played in the Holocaust because of that shame.

      As for the concept of Heimat, I loved this perspective and being able to join along in Krug’s journey to find hers. She could not understand who she was as a person until she found hers. As for me, I believe a have mane places, individuals for groupings of people that I could apply the concept of Heimat. This community could be considered one. My work. My students. My family. My home. They are all intertwined to create my Heimat.

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      Hi Heather! I too loved the choice of the graphic novel. It was incredibly powerful.

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